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SciArt Solutions designs and delivers a range of creative education including work-shops and interactive resources in schools, colleges and for community groups.

We can tailor our services completely to your educational needs. However, sometimes we all need a little inspiration so here are a selection of our most popular education themes and outcomes…

Marine biology Scientific drawing Beach art and sculpture
Ecology Environmental surveys Seaweed art and cookery
Climate change and sustainability Creative maths 3D outdoor resources e.g. nature trails
Coastal processes Educational games Environmental interpretation design

All your questions answered...


Ages can you cater for? All ages and Key Stages – from reception all the way through to higher education and beyond

Does it cost? A day workshop typically costs £250 including all materials, resources and a risk assessment.


. Cross-curricular? We can combine any subject selection and come up with a creative education solution, giving you more subject coverage and value for money. Marine science is of course our speciality. We can also help you plan enrichment of your curriculum or education programme.


...Can we hold a session? If you require a beach or outdoor location we have many places to suggest, or we bring to outside to you if that is easier.


...What days work best? We can deliver workshops any day of the week except Mondays. We also work in the school holidays for extra curricular and community groups


...Does it work best? In schools we typically provide a full day of sciart education on location but often also deliver preparatory and follow up sessions in school. For other groups half day or full day packages are

Where do you go from here?

Call or email Joanna on 01326 378 578/info@sciartsolutions.co.uk for more information, to discuss your specific requirements or to plan and book a session.

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