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The Challenge: Make environmental issues accessible to the widest audience

SciArt Solution: Begin with real science, tell a story and make it interactive

Why SciArt?

When we ask our clients why they choose our interpretation – it’s always the same answer – we offer the complete package. Offering both the subject knowledge and the creative, we provide a truly unique experience for clients who have an important message to communicate to a target audience. We truly are a one-stop-shop for your interpretation needs – providing research, copywriting, design and production services.

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Knowledge first

Unlike your conventional design agency, we have a scientist leading our team, so our environmental interpretation comes, as it should (but commonly doesn’t), from real scientific understanding, followed by a complimentary design concept. Whatever the subject matter, environmental or otherwise, we apply our ‘knowledge first’ approach to interpretation projects.

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Get them talking

Our interdisciplinary ‘sciart’ approach results in interpretation that can reach new audiences and create real dialogue on environmental, or otherwise important issues. We also specialize in the design of interactive tools to interpret information in engaging ways.


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One of our favourite projects...

The Fish Cellar, Durgan - National Trust

Picture this….a historic pilchard cellar, nestled in a tiny fishing hamlet in Cornwall, with wonderfully rich seagrass beds just off shore. Working for the National Trust and with the local school and community we created a marine information room to really discover these local treasures.


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