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Sciart Solutions is directed by scientist, creative and communicator, Dr Joanna Henley, an expert in making science translate to different target audiences.   A PhD in marine science communication, a creative outlet in natural history illustration and good interpersonal skills represent her threefold sciart solution.

As happy communicating to and between university professors and executives, as surfers and schoolchildren, Joanna is the ultimate translator of science.  Building on project experience throughout the southwest and beyond, Sciart Solutions offers a unique multidisciplinary service to a diverse range of clients.

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On the fence

'Never sit on the fence Jo', my Dad once told me.  I think he was referring at the time to Japanese whalers, when I was really trying to see it from the fishing community's point of view.  That was, of course, a highly controversial issue, but aren't they all?    I might have believed my Dad, wholeheartedly...

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